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Metal Sign Printing

Metal signs are an elegant, stylish solution for the creation of durable signage. This is the perfect material for signs that will need to withstand outdoor environments or long-term wear and tear.


If you are looking for a material that will make your sign stand out independently on conditions and age, you should opt for metal sign printing.


Some applications of these signs include outdoor and wayfinding signage, service and information signs, real estate posts, directional and regulatory panels. However, they are also fully customizable, which means that you can add borders, pick the color you prefer, and add your custom logo to the final design.


The characteristics that make aluminum printing so appreciated are its fade- and weather-resistance, as well as its versatility. It can be installed through gluing, wires, bolts, and frames making any print on aluminum the perfect choice for corporate and private spaces.


Find the Perfect Metal Sign Print at Chicago Print Group


Here at Chicago Print Group, we have developed a wide range of services to ensure you can best fit your needs. These include the printing of photographs on metal as well as metal sign printing. You will be able to pick the color that best fits your brand and style, and the enamel finish applied on the sign will make your logo stand out for longer!


While metal sign printing is ideal for outdoor signs, its elegant look and lightweight design have been appreciated for creating alternative information panels and studio plaques. Get in touch with the Chicago Print Group to find out the available models and ideas and let our experts create the perfect plate for your needs.