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Chicago Banner Printing

For sales, marketing, branding, and special events, it is hard to find a more eye-catching way to attract attention than a well-designed banner. Banner printing is one of our many specializations at Chicago Printing Group, and we offer a range of different sizes, styles, and options in all of our large format printing services.


Banner Options

Banners can be used for any type of event or activity, including parties, community events, sporting activities, sales, and of course at trade shows. They can be colorful and vibrant or simple and elegant.

Banner printing and custom banners require careful consideration to create a balanced look across the larger surface. They have to be printed on special printers that provide a seamless and highly professional end product that is truly going to make a statement.

Banners are often designed to include corporate logos and colors. With our state of the art printing equipment, we can provide the colors, designs and the size of banner you need for any type of use in Chicago or anywhere else in the county.

Retractable Banners

A retractable banner is a great option for a display area or for a trade show. These are like the old style of projector screens. The banner rolls up into the base of the display to keep it protected and also provide a portable display.

We offer a full selection of retractable banners in different sizes and styles. We can coordinate all our large format printing services to create a perfectly matching advertising program for any size of venue or space, just call us today at 312.251.1962 to discuss your needs.

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Banner printing is a form of large format printing that allows us to produce a banner in one piece, creating highly professional sign, poster, or trade show background.

The specific resolution for a banner depends on the size of the graphics and the text. In most cases, 100-125 dpi is satisfactory, while for large projects, a lower dpi can also work.

Banners can include a logo, company name, photograph, graphic image, and text information. Most banners include a combination of these elements.

Banner printing is a large format printing process.

Banners can be different sizes and include a variety of different features and options. For the most accurate information on the cost of banner printing, submit a project estimate.

We work with customers to provide custom printing and sizing.

Chicago Print Group, Inc. offers a full range of banner printing solutions for individuals in and outside of the Chicago area.

We offer retractable banners that are similar to older types of screens, which are ideal for long-term use. We also offer banners as signs, displays, and marketing options make of different materials to suit our customer’s requirements.

We offer a range of standard and custom options in banner sizes. Our team is here to provide assistance in choosing the best option for your printing job.

Yes, our design experts are here to assist you in all aspects of your printing needs, including design support.

We recommend a new banner material to provide the highest quality image and long-lasting printed project.

Chicago Print Group, Inc. offers the fastest turnaround time on orders in Chicago. We also offer priority printing services.