Which Is Better Acrylic or Canvas Print? And Why?

Even if you spend many hours planning how to capture the perfect photo, your work may end up for naught unless you also have a printing solution that can properly display your image. You can achieve excellent image quality with either canvas or acrylic prints. However, each method offers a super way to display your photos. At Chicago Print Group, Inc., we offer print on acrylic and canvas options to help you achieve optimum quality results.

If you need help determining the best option, then a good look at the features and benefits to expect when you print on acrylic or print on canvas can be helpful.

Type of Décor

Canvas prints are ideal for spaces with a relaxed feel and/or subdued lighting. These prints are also an optimal choice for rustic environments, such as a cabin out in the woods. On the other hand, acrylic prints provide a complementary backdrop for large spaces with a substantial amount of light, such as a city loft.

Type of Image You Want

If your photo includes bold, bright hues, acrylic has light capturing properties that will enhance those colors and give them greater vibrancy. Acrylic gives your photographs a glossy, sleek finish, with clean edges and a 3D appearance. On the other hand, if your photo is to portray a calmer, more sedate, or classic appearance, a canvas print may be ideal to maximum the beauty of your image. Canvas surfaces allow for a softer surface finish that includes some texture.


Acrylic prints are a safer option if your print is going to be near a lot of activity, such as in a classroom, kids play area, or other room in which accidental contact or other external elements such as UV rays or moisture would more likely affect the print. However, if the print will be located in a quieter location that makes contact unlikely, canvas is ideal.

How Much You Are Willing to Spend

When it comes to affordability, print on canvas beats print on acrylic by a considerable margin. For a fraction of the cost of acrylic printing, canvas printing gives you the style and beauty that satisfies many needs. The cost difference is due to the different materials and print processing involved. However, if you need a particular stunning look to your photo, the investment in acrylic prints may be well worth it.

You may want to try both acrylic and canvas prints if you are unsure about which one will work best. We also offer print on aluminum as another printing option.

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