A Helpful Guide to Booklet Printing

Even though digital products are used widely now in the digital age, many individuals and companies still rely on booklet printing. Chicago businesses of various types use printed booklets for marketing their brands in one way or the other. These booklets are perfect for advertising events, products, and services. Many people find it more appealing to read through a printed booklet more than they do reading the same content on a screen. At Chicago Print Group, Inc., we have your booklet printing needs covered.

Whether you want to produce an information booklet, event program, reference book, magazine, or other material suited to booklet format, you can do so with help from an experienced booklet printer.

Uses for Booklet Printing

With booklet printing, you can create any magazine, document, or book several hundred pages in length. The size of these booklets can range from a large A3 size down to 120×120 mm.

There are few popular types of binding used for booklet printing, staple bound, perfect bound, and wiro bound.

Staple Bound

Also referred to as saddle-stitched, stable bound booklets use staples or wires along the folded spine to bind the pages together. The result is a professional-looking booklet at minimal cost.

Perfect Bound

Perfect bound booklets have single leaves stacked in a block squared-off and subsequently glued together on the back side of the pages. The next step of making the booklet is to wrap the cover and bind it to the booklet spine. A quality binding material adhesive will be able to resist extreme temperatures. This allows the booklet to be opened wider without the spine breaking or the pages becoming loose and separating from the spine.

With perfect binding, the booklets close completely flat. This type of booklet printing may also be done on the spine, making them ideal for stacking and greater display possibilities.

Wiro Bound

Single leaves are stacked with wiro binding. They are also hole-punched along the top or left edge. The pages are then bound together with wire that is fed through the punched holes. These booklets can open completely and also fold all-the-way back around. Wiro binding is ideal for the creation of instruction manuals or other documents that need to lay flat when not held by one or more hands.

Paper Type and Thickness

You may also choose from among several paper options for your booklet printing, including silk, gloss, and uncoated. You should always laminate your covers and make sure you have the right paper thicknesses for your pages. For interior pages, the recommended thickness range is 115 to 130 gsm (grams per square meter), and for cover papers, 170 to 250 gsm.

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