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Finding the Right Chicago Print Services

Communicating through printed material such as signs, images, and specialty products is all a part of being an effective and successful business. However, print services are also important for branding and marketing, as well as for other types of promotional events and activities.

Finding printing services in Chicago can be a challenge as there are a lot of companies out there. By carefully comparing not only the services they offer but the quality of print material and the customers they have, you will quickly see why Chicago Print Group is one of the best.


Offset printing is ideal for large volume orders as it uses a printing plate that reproduces the copy quickly and at a lower cost than standard printing services.

The ideal file size for printing depends on the resolution required for the final copy size. Email, call, or contact our team for the correct digital file size and formatting options.

Yes, it is possible to print from a PDF. We have the programs to utilize most file formats for printing.

Ideally, for print copy, CMYK is the best model. However, RBG color mode is most commonly used for online digital design work.

The standard for printing is 300dpi. Lower dpi levels of 150 can be used, but the quality of the print is not the same.

Our printing services offer commercial quality printing services with clear, crisp resolution. This is true for typical stationery and large format printing or specialty printing.

Chicago Print Group, Inc. offers priority processing of orders. Contact us for information on costs.

150dpi is the minimum resolution for printing, but we recommend at least 300dpi.

Ideally, TIFF format is the best for printing pictures, but PNG also offers an exceptional quality finished product.

We offer a full range of paper choices for prints. Our team can assist in selecting the best option for your prints.

Yes, we offer print on acrylic services that is ideal for signs, banners, and information displays for use both indoors and outside.