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Sticker Printing

Want to promote your brand in a creative and enjoyable way that is sure to leave a mark on potential customers? Chicago Print Group, Inc. offers sticker printing services that will do the job. Stickers are designed to send a message to customers in a way that other types of marketing materials cannot. Stickers evoke a sense of playfulness and fun as most adults associate stickers with childhood memories. Use stickers to remind people of creative and memorable times and associate that feeling to your company.

Sticker Printing

How to Use Stickers to Market Your Company

Stickers are a popular way for companies in Chicago and other cities to push their brand, whether they are placed on consumer products/packaging, people’s clothes or car bumpers. They essentially serve as small billboards, calling attention to your company’s slogan or logo wherever they are placed. They are sure to be noticed, putting your brand at the forefront of a potential customer’s mind.

Sticker Benefits

Stickers are helpful for providing customers with information about your products or services. For instance, a sticker can list the benefits and features of your product. If you place this type of sticker on product packaging and this information is already mentioned on the packaging, the sticker only reinforces this information and draws your customers’ eyes to it. Stickers are also known for creating interest and getting people to talk about your business.

What We Can Do For You

Let Chicago Print Group Inc. be your top choice when it comes to sticker printing. Overall, stickers are a fun and creative way of promoting your brand in a cost effective manner. We can help with:

  • Full color and black and white digital printing services
  • Digital die cutting for unique and creative shapes and styles
  • Design to delivery and everything in between
  • Variety of finishing options available

From quality design to finishing options to delivery services, we are a full-service printer in Chicago dedicated to helping you take your business to the next level of growth.

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Stickers can be both practical additions for packaging as well as a way to attract attention to your products and your brand.

Most stickers used for advertising and marketing are durable and have a semi-glossy or glossy finish on a heavier quality, specialty paper.

The size, color options, and additional features that are included as part of your order will impact the cost of sticker printing.

We offer both standard sizes of stickers as well as custom sticker sizes. We have large format printers to print even large sized stickers.

As stickers are designed to apply to the surface of an object or packaging, the back side of the sticker is not visible.

Sticker sizes can be small to large. The size of the sticker is largely dependent on the text or the graphics to display on the sticker.

We offer the fastest printing turnaround time in Chicago. Chicago Print Group, Inc. also offers priority printing services.

Custom stickers can be used as thank you stickers for clients, as a branding and marketing option, or to simply draw attention to your products or packaging.

Stickers can be traditional or custom shaped. Custom shaped stickers are ideal for marketing and advertising, while standard shapes are ideal for labels or for packaging.

Bumper stickers will last several months or longer, even in outdoor environments.

Stickers are more water-resistant than paper, but they are not waterproof. Specialized bumper stickers are waterproof.

If you have questions about sticker orders, talk to our team before placing an order.