What is a Commercial Printing Company?

With the right printing products at your disposal, you can significantly enhance your company’s visibility, reputation, and bottom line. To access the products, you need to reach this goal, it is important to understand the various types of commercial printing. Chicago businesses can benefit from the custom printing services we offer at Chicago Print Group, Inc. These services can help you advertise your brand and products/services efficiently and effectively.

What is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing involves printing for various business needs. The types of printing you may need will depend on your industry, market, competition, brand, and specific marketing goals. When it comes to commercial printers, Chicago businesses may need one or more types of printing from these companies on different occasions.

Let’s look at two major types of commercial printing:

Offset Printing

If you need a large number of prints derived from a small number of originals and high-quality results, offset printing can get the job done. The printing technique associated with offset printing utilizes wet ink and printing plates. It allows maximum control of the color of the prints, which often results in colors with greater vibrancy and clearer pictures produced on exceptional quality printing materials. Offset printing can be more expensive and take longer to perform than digital printing.

Digital Printing

If you need short runs fast, digital printing is often the way to go, particularly when you have many originals. Digital printing has come far in terms of quality since its inception. Although the quality of offset printing is considered better, digital printing is comparable in quality.

Digital printing allows you to use on-demand printing services. Commercial printing companies use on-demand printing by saving a copy of your file and printing from that file when required.

Commercial printers that offer on-demand printing services often complete orders the same or next day from time of the order. This is especially helpful to prevent backorders and make printing for commercial applications highly efficient.

We are able to deliver commercial printing services that help you along every stage of your marketing process, whether you need logo designs or many other types of promotional materials.

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