The Benefits Of Professional Large Format Scanning

The Benefits Of Professional Large Format Scanning

One of the most challenging things most scanners is handling oversized documents. These may include blueprints, large artwork, indoor store signs, maps or just about any other large item.

With professional copy services and printing companies like the Chicago Print Group, you can take advantage of their equipment for all your large format scanning needs. We have specialized flatbed scanners that are designed to scan and print items up to forty-two inches wide, covering a large number of printing requirements.

Making Items Workable

When you use these large format scanning options, you can save the image to a particular type of file or media type. This allows you to resize, reformat and even redesign the image for smaller print sizes without having to completely rework the entire project.

With the use of these larger scanners, there is no need to try to manage multiple scans of the same large format original. With a single scan and a single file, it is easier to then print copies. Ideally, the printing service you choose can also handle this additional component of the job.

This produces an exact replica of the original item and is far superior to making photocopies of the original, even in color. It also provides the option to maintain the original in digital format for printing whenever necessary.

Saving Items

Another benefit to using large format scanning is in saving print items for years to come in their perfect, original condition through digital media. For any type of personal or professional archives having those original digital copies means there is never the risk of damage to the original that makes it impossible to copy or print again.

For oversized or large format items such as posters and blueprints, even simple storage solutions such as rolling and placing in cardboard cylinders or laying documents flat can result in tears, fading and insect damage, even in the best-maintained offices and homes. Water damage, humidity, dust and other types of issues can also impact the quality of the original, making it impossible to use as a perfect copy.

If you are using large format scanning, consider storing the file on more than one device. The hard drive of a computer is not always reliable, so also storing it on a zip drive or in a backup copy of the file on another device is highly recommended for any important documents.

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