Custom Aluminum Metal Sign Printing

Custom aluminum metal signs are a visually appealing, stylish option when you need long-lasting, durable signage. These signs can withstand the rigors of the outdoor elements, including heat, humidity, cold, ice, snow, rain, sleet, and wind. If you need a material that is resistant to wear and tear for the long term, consider the benefits of custom aluminum metal sign printing.

Types of Aluminum Metal Sign Printing

These signs may be used for a variety of regulatory and directional panels, information and service signs, outdoor and way finding signs, and real estate signs and posts. You can also take advantage of customization with these signs, choosing among colors and borders, plus the addition of your company logo. Aluminum metal sign printing is used extensively for outdoor applications, but its lightweight characteristic makes it popular for studio plaque and informational panels.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Signs

Aluminum printing is a great option when you need weather and fade resistance marketing and promotional signs. These signs can be installed with bolts, wires, gluing, and frames, making them ideal for private and corporate business spaces. Aluminum signs are also lightweight, cost-effective, and trendy. They are attractive from a distance. With a one-time investment they can remain in good condition for many years.

Aluminum metal finishes done correctly often portray a professional, classy, and traditional look. These signs stand out where they are placed, with a mirrored, brushed, or polished finish.

Another benefit of aluminum metal sign printing is the ability to keep these signs highly visible at night with the addition of lighting. These signs can also often be lit up with some added electrical connections.

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