When is it Better to Produce an Oversized Document on a Digital Poster Machine Versus a Large Format Printing Press?

Digital printing involves the creation of digital files using publishing, photo, or mapping software. These files are sent to a printer through Cat5 cable or WiFi where the images are translated to hard copy on paper. A digital poster machine, just as a laser printer or inkjet printer, can effectively print these images, including oversized documents. A large format printing press can also be used to produce these images and documents. At Chicago Print Group, Inc. we offer high quality digital printing and large format printing services for various needs to enhance business brands.

Digital Poster Machine Printing

The process of digital printing involves a command being given to a computer with prints being produced by a printer as a result. No plates are made as in offset printing. The process of offset printing involves consider consumption of time and extra cost when compared to the ease and efficiency of digital printing.

With the use of a digital poster machine, you can efficiently print just one copy or several copies without the need to involve a large format printing press operation. Digital poster machines can take the data supplied by a computer and software and print a single print or a small number of prints, instead of mass volumes through a large format printing services press operation.

Large Format Printing Press

If you need to produce a long run of printing oversized documents or images, then a large format printing press may be beneficial. If the job is small, however, digital printing through a digital poster machine may be the ideal choice.

Large format printing can be used on a wide range of mediums. Each one requires the right type of ink to turn out right. The options for inks include pigmented textile inks, acid dyes, UV-curable textile inks, dye sublimation inks, disperse dyes, and reactive dye inks. There is limitation with each one and not every dye will work with every material.

If you need to produce an oversized document, consider the volume of copies required. A digital poster machine may be the most effective option to get exactly what you want out of large-sized prints unless you need mass production through large format printing services.

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